A good exercise for children is Yoga!

For the past 10 years, yoga has been booming in North America. Initially practice by adults, the offer has gradually diversified and we see more and more yoga classes for children being offered, both in regular schools and in yoga studios.  Now yoga is adding to music and swimming lessons, soccer, baseball, hockey and making choices can be difficult.  To guide you and help you assess the options available to you and your treasures, we present benefits that yoga brings to the children.

The benefits of yoga are numerous and recognized including for children.  When they practice yoga, it allows them to find calm, serenity, self-esteem and to let go. On the physical level, yoga exercises improve flexibility and help the child discover his body to be in harmony with him. Yoga may be indicated for anxious children who have difficulty falling asleep or concentrating.

Some qualities of yoga for your child:

  • Listen to himself
  • Knowing to be calm
  • Help his (her) concentration
  • Improve his memory and cognitive functioning.
  • Improves social relationships
  • Improve sleep, Strength, Breath Control and I can continu there’s so many benefits for a child to exercise yoga.

Starting yoga at an early age can help them learn healthy lifestyle habits and set the foundation for a fit future. Get your family practice started with these kids-friendly yoga poses.







It is suggested that you do yoga with your children every day for 15 to 20 minutes, and you’ll see the benefits of it early if you have exited children.

Multiple studies of children with behavioural and physical challenges demontrate large benefits.  Yoga practice can decrease aggressive behaviour, hyperactivity, and social withdrawal in children with autism and attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorder.  These same children shared more and communicated more effectively after procticing yoga for an hour.


Conclusion Yoga

Yoga has an obvious connection to education because it develop calm, listening, concentration and memorization.  Neurologically, it stimlates the areas of the brain involved in learning.  Though concentration and observation techniques we bring students to ask themselves, to concentrate.  With stretching, breathing and relaxation, you release stress.

If there is a children’s yoga class in your neighbourhood, give it a try. Ask your child how it was.  Notice if you see increased concentration, focus, and self-esteem.  I dare you!

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