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New Scavenger Hunt Ideas to try with your kids

Can’t stand to see your kids sit and stare at the television or IPad, for one more day? Looking for ideas that will encourage them to get moving and give you a few precious moments to yourself?         

A scavenger hunt is the perfect solution.  It offers so many different play possibilities and can act as both an educational tool and a fun activities for kids of all ages.

Ready to create your own? Riddles Answers,

I’m here to help! Check out the list of the top scavenger hunt ideas, then start creating your clues!

Best Scavenger Hunts

Keep bored children active this Holiday Break with a brain-engaging activity at RiddleMe.com

  • Christmas Scanvenger Hunts

  • Cupcakes
  • Easter Scanvenger Hunts
  • Fourth of July
  • Holloween Scavenger Hunts
  • Other fun Scavenger Hunts
  • Party Activities
  • Party Treats
  • Pirate Treasure Hunt
  • St Patrick Scavenger Hunt
  • Thanksgiving Hunt
  • Valentines Scavenger Hunt

Make your next birthday or holiday party unforgettable with a Riddle Me scavenger hunt.  Using riddle clues, chain together a party or holiday themed adventure your participants will talk about for weeks.  Customize your hunt and add activities along the way. nAnd with Riddle Me’s 60 day money back guarantee you have nothing to fear.


Try it today You’ll be glad you did — See Video Below!



Scavenger Hunt Ideas to Try With Your Kids

Let’s face it , not every parent is the creative type. Even if you are, if you’ve spent the entire morning making beds, making sure everyone’s teeth are brushed, and arguing with your pre-teen about her outfit, you might be too burnt out to come up with scavenger hunt ideas.

Luckily, you can use membership sites like Riddle Me to help. This site creates a scavenger hunt that’s age-appropriate and can be geared towards the special interests of your child.

You can type in how many different clues you want in a specific number of locations. Then, the program will use its database to come up with clues and hints for your family to follow! All you have to do is physically hide the clues.

If you want to have a specially themed hunt (a perfect idea for a birthday party) you can upload any clip art or images you want to the site. Then, the pictures will be used as the background for your clues!

Anything that makes your life easier is definitely something worth looking into.

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  1. OMG I love this idea!! I have been trying to get out of the house a little every day but as soon as we walk in the door they are back on their tablets! grrrr! Thank you!

    1. Hello MommyAskk, I know in my time we just had MP3 and IPod and TV when my kids were younger and still they didn’t want to go out eather
      Thank you for your comments

  2. Thats pretty creative, why just do int on Easter when you can do it whenever you want. And its still so much fun, especially watching the kids do it. I’ll share this with my wife. Whats your personal favorite?

  3. Thank you for this article
    My aunt who has a baby has been struggling with getting activities which will be good for her baby and I will show her this post and hopefully she can find one from the riddle me activities

    1. Hello Thabo Khoza, thank you for this nice comment! I’ll post more activities very soon so be welcome to visite again.

      have a nice day

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