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Hi, my name’s Line, I’m from Canada, I’m a elementary school Educator and this is my first website. I decided to create this website to help parents find activities for their children.  To help them occupy their kids when have nothing to do at home. I create this website when I attended a training on Wealthy Affiliate site. Wealthy Affiliate is a platform where, who ever want to learn how to create a website, a blog, or more, there is good training and great mentors.


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I decide to create a website to help parents find activities to do with their kids at home when there’s no school and board at home. I wil be giving little games to play with nothing. Free games for children  ten (10) years old and under.  Games with nothing needed, to play.  We also promote product from merchants for your customers to purchase. Some educative game, social game and more. I shop for you and look for best quality products and best price, and the most important good service after purchase.

Conclusion/ Kids activities for home

I will say again all the information written on this Website is about education purpose and research on the topic. As an affiliate I propose this products and I receive a commission if you purchase the product with this website.

I care about helping new parents to learn about activities for kids and make better decisions, about getting best quality price. Mostly the best quality service after purchase.

If you’d like to learn more about Kids activities for home See Post here!


I’m also an artisan I create my own products, like backs, purses, backpack and more, and I sell my creations on a platform call Etsy.  Etsy is a selling website where artisan can sell their creation.         

Here is my link if you’d like to visite.

 Here Etsy Création Kalin  

All the best,  Lyne

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