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Four others activities with nothing more than what you have in your home. These activities develop concentration, dextérity, ability to count fast and good for the memory.  Activities for children five (5) years and up. The four (4) years old can play with help for the reading and counting.

1. Draw a picture: With your finger, draw a picture on the back of your child and he will try to guess what you draw, on his back, after change place and he draw one on your back, and so on.

2. The mirror: Two kids facing each other, one is the mirror and the other one makes the movement. The kid who is the mirror must reproduce his gestures as if he were the reflection of his partner in a mirror.

3.Made in ”canada”: You ask your children to find one thing made in china,      another one made in usa, and another one made in Canada (or the country where you shop your objects). The first one who finds the three objects wins. If your child is four years old  you just can ask him to find objects with different colors.

4.Top one hundred: Take two dices, have your child roll the two dice and then add the two numbers together. Write the sum on a sheet of paper.  Repeat the exercise until one reach the number one hundred (100) wins. (or less depending on the age of your child).


Recipe for Slime to do with children                                             

• One big bol
• Mesure cup
• Big wood spoon
• Latex glove (Necessary)
• Food coloring ——— / 2 or 3 drops
• Water ——————- / 250 ml

• Liquid white glue (Elmer’s is best)   / 250ml
• Laundry detergent (Tide MC regulier)/ 250ml

The recipe never been tryed with other brands but, if you do try it leave me a comment below to know if it work good.

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1. Mix water cup (250ml) with 2 drop of food coloring
2. Mix cup (250ml) white liquid glue with the water
3. Mix for 3 to 4 minutes with the wood spoon
4. Ad 1 cup (250ml) of the liquid detergent (tide MC)
5. Put your gloves and mix all the ingredients with your hand, it can be hard to mix at first but it need to be mix for a good (10 minutes) until dry, solid and the sense is not sticky. When there’s  no more sticky take gloves off and then…..time to play with you slime….

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Have a good time with your slim but dont forget to clean up with the children …

Never forget to make the children clean with you. It’s a task that kids don’t usually like to do but, when it’s done while playing sometime it is really easier to make them do it. Thy to sing and they have to finish before the song finish or you can do a race and the first you finish wins. Given the habit of putting things away help develops organizational skills. This skill will help him in daycare and also later in school

If you’d like to learn more about Kids activities for home see post DIY

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  1. This is cute. I love childrens’s activities. They make them happy and full of life.Children become happier when they play. Creating that environment for them boost their mood.

    1. Thank you Maggie, I appriciate your comment.
      Keeping children occupied is not always an easy task. I learn all that working with them at primery school. Sometime they need to be intertained it help for learning and develop abilities.
      Take care

    1. Hi MommyASKK, Yes it help develop curiosity on were is this country and what they do there. I always said the more you ask questions the more you become intelligent. So finding toy or object in different country help them for knowledge.
      Thank you for passing by

  2. These are great activities! I especially like “the mirror”, that one sounds like fun, even for adults 😉
    I also like your suggestion how to make cleaning fun for kids. I will keep that in mind next time I need to get my students to clean (I’m a teacher). This is good to know!

    1. Hello Christine, thank you for your comment, I’m impress to have a teacher commenting my website, I really appriciate it. I’m happy you liked my little games I’ll post some more every week. Thank you so mush

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