Jaaxy Keywords Review

What is Jaaxy?


Jaaxy is a website that will help google find your site. Search Analysis, Brainstorm to find trending, popular ideas and more. Jaaxy  is The…


Best Keyword Research Tool.

Jaaxy is a premium keyword niche and site research software that will help you do a lot of different things.

What can we do in JAAXY?       

  • Keyword research
  • Alphabet Soup Search used with Google Instant
  • Brainstorm 100 fresh Ideas
  • getting rankings
  • SEO tools
  • determining site rank (where am I ranked in Google)
  • finding affiliate programs
  • Keyword lists manager
  • certain types of keywords
  • program details
  • Website Analyzer
  • Affiliate Program, Aff.Program Finder
  • Site Rank Analysis

How do Jaaxy work?

Here a exemple of keywords research, the  image below is the research on the Niche Make Money Online and if you look at the first ligne in Jaaxy we have: AVG: this is the number of search per mounth on internet, then Traffic: is the number of search per days on internet and QSR give’s you how many website  rank in Google with this exact Keyword. This number is very important and it’s  needs to be lower than 100 to have a better chance of ranking in Google and Yahoo and other Search Engine. 

This is the way to search for keywords in Jaaxy.

The colum on the right is a Brainstorm of keywords related to the search you did for the Niche of your website.

If you look at the top bar of Jaaxy, you have all the work that Jaaxy do for you while building your website. You Can look were your site Rank, your Search History, it’s Analyse, Brainstorm, Alphabet Soup and more and more.

JAAXY is a must when creating blog for your Site.


Now look at this one. The keyword research is Reviews Here on Jaaxy the research of reviews give an AVG: search on net/mounth: 34581 search and,  the Traffic per days is  5479  research in one day and the QSR: amount of website who has the reviews word as keyword.  This is only two research I showed you here, but Jaaxy can do a lot more than that. 



Premium member (all features above included) and

  • SEO Analysis
  • Keyword Competition
  • Instant Competition(QSR)
  • Multi-Tabbed Search
  • Domain Availability and Flipping
  • Search history
  • Data sorting
  • JAAXY Research Tool

Enterprise Package (All features above included) and 

  • Where your Website is Ranked
  • Become a Successful Domain Buyer
  • Sort your keyword search
  • Meaningless Data Filtered out
  • Accessible on All Devics


Chart of Jaaxy 3.0

Best Keyword Research Tool

You maybe think that some posts of kids activities for home are not really related to my website, but yes they are.  They are related because all what I write in theses posts (how to make money, my wealthy affiliate business from home, online job, and Jaaxy keyword) on Wealthy Affiliate is the platform where I create this website for kids and Jaaxy  is one of the one and best tool to work with when you build a website.

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  1. I agree with you that Jaxxy is one of the best keyword research tools in writing an article recognized on the internet these days.

    It is very efficient and flawless, I use my self, and I’m happy with the results.
    Keep up the excellent work.


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