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Here is a little information for children ou have ADHD. It help people to understand how ADHD live. We are not professionnal but we live in our home with two ADHD (child&Adult). So all information here is from life experiences that we had in our day life.



Forgetting to return an important email or phone, forget an appointment, forget where your car keys are, your glasses are and that can happen twice in a week.  Forgetting to buy milk after work… You would forget your head if it was not attached to the rest of your body!


Difficulty maintaining your motivation. For many people with ADHD, it is really difficult to start some boring tasks, almost impossible. Why? Because nothing come in our mined if not interesting. Finding a specific object is it a challenge so your housing, your room, your office or your car is crowded for moons.  Do you have a collection of unused gym memberships?  A list of good intentions never put into action…A lot of unfinish projects.

Stuck in a rut

Stuck. Have you had the impression for a long time that your life is going in circles, that it’s going nowhere?  Does your job not match your strengths or interests?  You go from job to job, without knowing what you realy want, without a game plan.  Do you still live with your parents who depend on them to meet your needs without seeing how it could be different?  This feeling can lead to chronic demoralization.

Time Challenged

Difficulty assessing time, you tend to misjudge the time needed to complete your tasks, to underestimate it. Do you feel like you’re running out of time when you do something you are passionate about?  Is your ‘’ to do list” So busy for the day that you never get to the bottom of the list because the scheduled tasks take much longer than you thought. You do a task an in the middle of it change to another task often, often. Are you always late.(most of the time)

Impulsive: There are many forms of impulsivity.

Verbal, do you constantly interrupt others to give your idea for fear of forgetting it?  You say everything that goes through your head without thinking and regretting it afterwards because it has brought you trouble or conflicts with your family, your friend. 

You leave or accept a job without thinking, without being informed, without thinking about the consequences on your family or yourself. Your emotions intense, as much in pleasure as in anger, frustration or disappointment.

Behavioral: You make impulsive gestures that you later regret: shouting, hitting an object or a person, humiliating hurting someone with your words that have gone beyond your thoughts but that you cannot catch up with. Do your relationships suffer from your impulsiveness: your couple, your children, your family, your social network. For some it can go that far.


It is the most common index of ADHD. You concentrate very well when the subject fascinates you but is unable to remain attentive for more than 2 minutes if it is not of interest to you.  You always have ideas in your head that go in all directions, like popcorn popping in the microwave…  Your own thoughts distracting you.  Your ideas roll with the faz pedal stuck to the carpet, at 120 km/h in your head: even if you would like to catch one, it is already gone.  You’r distracted by everything around you: sounds, voices, objects, television.  You’r often in your head.


Disorganized in certain areas of your life. Plan, structure, prioritize, get into action.  Do one thing at a time, persevere with the task, finish what you start without putting it back to the week of 4 Thursdays: is this a daily challenge for you.  Does anyone around you have to supervise you so that the projects end, things get done so compensate for your difficulties. ADHD has many faces, each person has their own story.  ADHD often comes with ‘’friends’’ comorbidities in our lingo : anxiety, depression, alcohol or drugs, bipolar illness. 

Novelty Seeking:

Boredom is hard to tolerate for many adults with ADHD.  Their spirit is drawn like a magnet towards all that is stimulating different.  You often start tasks because they are interesting at the beginning, but interest gets lost, tasks that are not completed accumulate. For some is sleeping too much.  Eat too much. Spend hours in front of video games, youtube or facebook instead of advancing in your obligations.

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