Gardening fun outside activity to do with kids, learn about nature.

Making a garden with kids is a great Idea for home or in camping you can still create an outdoor oasis that supports native plants, and vegetable.  A garden, no matter how big or small, is packed full of learning opportunities for family members of all ages benefit from camping greenspace, and get tips for transforming your own garden!

Best and easy way to start growing lettuce and the kids can see it growing everyday. Just needed to put the heart of the salade in small glass of water.  Dosen’t need to be change just add water every day or two days. Cut salade leaf whe ready then clean and eat.  Alot of vegetable can grow in water such as : lettuce, shallot,celery.



Kids can explore the elements through this creative activity such as gardening, planting spices, flowers.  Easy to grow and take no place to grow. One activity that your children can participate and will love to do.


Gardening supplies

Two vegetables that can grow easy in a pot are pepper and tomatoes. Start in small little pots (or take an empty egg crate) and start with your pepper and tomatoes for 15 to 20 days in small egg crate. After you need to change in larger pots to let it grow bigger and don’t forget to water it each week.


How to grow herbs?

The best way to start to grow herbs is in a mason jar.  You can grow, parsley, shallot, rosemary, basil, oregano, mint, thyme and other more.  Need water every week. You can use Potting mix from Miracle Grow.







If you prefer to grown herbs in water, here some herbs that grow easy in water:  pepermint, oregano, sage, rosemary, basil, thyme,  tarragon, lemon balm.  Herbs that roots in water will kepp coming back and producing more leaves as long as you keep pinching off the older leaves as they grow to full size.  It will take a couple of weeks to grow and you’ll always have fresh herbs to cook with. Herbs are the most easiest plants to grow.

When herbs are ready to be cook, this can be another great activity that your kids will like to do and it is easier some time to cook with them, then hearing them say ”when is going to be ready.” It help develop patience and they see how much time cooking can take.

This is one happy child!






Green plants!

Ad  some green and colorful plants to your small garden. It will give a nice and colorful look. And I assure you that your child will be very proud of what he did with you. For your small plants and flowers you can also use potting mix from Miracle Grow.

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  1. This is a great activity for kids and adults as well! Gardening is great for stress and we can all use stress relief right now as well as another reason to get outdoors. Thanks for this post!

    1. Hi Mellisa, yes it,s a great activity, I do it at home with my herbs and I love to cook with those fress herbs after
      thank you for your comment

    1. Hey kathia, thank again, and when they grow it’s going to give you good fresh herbs for cooking
      thank again for your comments

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