DIY doll house

Simple DIY for children to do at home

  • 2 pieces cardboard box (26cmX38cm) for side(10″X15″)
  • 2 pieces cardboard for the roof (26cmX32cm)(10″X12″)
  • 1 pieces for flor (46cmX26cm)(18″X10″)
  • tape – glue – scissors – maybe paint to give nice color
  • or take an old T shirt and cut peaces and glue it on the house.
  • The child can do it him self the way they like it.  Let them use their imagination.  It develop alot of creativity and self estime.

a dolls house

  • Need: box cut 3 pieces 34cmX34cm(13”X3”) cut 1piece  72cmX34cm(12.5”X28”)-cissor-marker-tape.



Best Little doll for DIY house

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Cute baby doll                       



Easy bunoculers you will need 2 toilette roll paper, glue, decor paper and ruban





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Dollhouse Playset Set with Light  
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    1. Hi Kathia, yes younger we didn’t have so mush beautiful things like thoses doll ans dollhouse.
      Thank you for passing by and leaved me a comment

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