The terrible twos

Talking to Toddlers:

Dealing with the terrible Twos and Beyond!

Should you be teaching manners to your children as soon as they learn to walk? The ”terrible twos” can be easy to get throught with some help. Some kids behaviour can be very terrible at two years old but, not all of them are. Even at two years old children need to understand that actions good and bad, has consequences. 

Here is a site and products that can help parents get throught the ” terrible twos.” 

How to deal with behaviour problems in children by Chris Thompson – Author of Parenting Expert and Certified NLP Practitioner.

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  • Facts you must understand if you are ever going to effectively deal with the Terrible Twos or children behavior problems
  • The only real reason your kids are not already well behaved.
  • The way most parents talk to their kids, causing them to do exactly what you don’t want
  • The crucial emotional bridge you MUST establish with your child before you try to change their behavior.
  • The one word you are probably abusing, which triggers those awful temper tantrums.

FREE Toddler parenting tips presentation FREE audio Lesson for Visiting  Unusual Tips to Effective Parenting

  • Discover three (3) language strategies. You can use right now for better child behavior
  • Learn this simple way to improve your success rate at getting your kids to listen and do as you ask.
  • Discover the biggest common language mistake parents make.  This mistake is actually causing your kids to do the opposite of what you want.
  • Find out what technique most parent use far too often, making it almost completely useless. When you fix this mistake you’re going to get much better results!
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Child need to move, when their hopping, jumping around it’s time to do a little exercise.

We know that exercise is essential to children. You as a parents you need to find what your kid’s like to do without struggling. (yoga, stretching, dance jumping etc.)

A good exercise for children when their really restless is Yoga!  I have a video for your kids to follow on my next post.  If you’d like to learn more about Yoga click on this link!

Phresh Chi Yoga Mat with Built in Exercise Game Effortlessly learn Yoga while having fun.  Helps Flexibility, motor coordination & Concentration.  Great for kids, adults and all the family.

If you’d like to read more about kids activitie see my  Adhd post

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  1. Like your site a lot. I am a grand mother and I try some game you White here Wé laugh a lot and the kids love the game.

    1. Thank you Janet for your comment, I really appreciate. We played those littles games a lot with the kids at school and some of my kids always wanted to play drawing in a mirror It’s the game they prefer

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