END OF QUARANTINE  June 01, 2020

Camping Site are Open! (in Canada). With the covid19 this year we almost didn’t had the chance to go camping.

Time to pack your bags and let’s go camping…..

Camping has alway been one good and fun vacancy for the family, specially for kids.  They are free outside for good activities to do and, less stress for parents and some Camping Site offers activities for kids. Like:

  • Volley-ball
  • soccer
  • baseball
  • Ultimate frisbee, some even have
  • Mini-basketball
  • Mini-golf
  • mini-soccer table

Best Tent to camp!

Tent for 4 to 8 persons the tird one is a tent for four season (yes in Canada we go camping in the winter.

Who dosen’t like swimming?

If you have little baby here is a nice pool ideal for little one. When my children were young these plastic container use to be the pool for them.  No need to have the luxury. There’s always a way to do and make baby happy! Even stuck at home you can let little kids swim.



Best Baby Aquani tent

Here we have the perfect Baby moov Aquani Tent & pool / 3 in 1 pop un tent, Kiddie Pool and Play yard. Perfect with his top to protect from the sun. 



Best beach pool, bblüv – Arenä – Pop Up Beach Pool

The Arena pool is ideal for cooling down your baby and have fun paddling at the beach

One activity that kids love!  The Beach

The beach is a wonderful and exciting way for children and parents to like! The sun, the beach, the waves.  Who cannot like the beach?

I went to the beach with my kids everyday that I spend at the camping site.  But what about the sun…sun that can be very hot, and burn, you’ll need to get some glasses, and good cream for them.

But here I want to talk about an umbrella. Not those umbrella I use to have and bring at the beach, and would fly out with the win, don’t cover all the body.  No here is a very good  portable and organised umbrella. And if you stay a day long at the beach it is perfect for the littles ones to take nap. This umbrella will be perfect for a day at the beach or only to stay outside at home with the kids.

This beach umbrella will definitely be a great tool for your next family beach adventure!

This umbrella is made of water resistant, polyester that will prevent rips or tears. It is held together with 4.5 mm steel ribs and a 5mm steel stretcher so it will not flap in the wind. There are 2 zipper ventilation windows and it offers UPF 50+ and protects 99.5% or UVA and UVB rays.  It can be set up very easily by one person while the other runs with the kids in the water to test the temperature. When nap time rolls around, or on particularly windy days, when the sand blows around, you can lower the umbrella to its side and anchors it to the ground to protect your kids from the wind and have the feel of a more private tent for them to fall asleep in.

In my opinion the Sport-Brella SKLZ is one of the best option for a beach umbrella. It easy of use and versatility as a normal umbrella and as a tent.  The extra flaps  provide help to wrap around and block the wind very well on its site and provide a way to anchor the umbrella even when it is upright. This beach umbrella will definitely be a great tool for your next family beach adventure!

If you’d like to learn more about kids activities for home see Camping game

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4 Replies to “Camping”

  1. Camping is great for all the family, especially where kids are concerned. Kids just love adventure!

    The only problem we have in the UK is the good weather or lack of it which is normally the case.

    I still have all my camping gear but haven’t been for some time now.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. We used to love camping with the kids! They are grown and not interested now. Sad. But your site is very informative and shares lots of resources and fun ideas! Maybe someday we will take the grandkids.

    1. Hello Barb, Thank you for your comment, I would of like to have website like this when my children were young…now I’m waiting for grandkids now.
      Take care

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