Camping games



What a great way to bond and connect with your family and friends.

Who doesn’t love camping?

You’ll enjoy beautiful natural scenery, twinkling stars, and plenty of fresh aire, but the best part by far, is the abundance of totally uninterrupted bonding time with your family.

But how do you fill those hours, especially if your kids are used to having nonstop wifi to keep them connected and entertained.  It’s time to think back to your days at sleepaway camp, and break out the analog camping activities and games.

Here some games that you can built with your kids and play when done. Just need  peace of wood can and rope.  The game is play with a ball and it’s the first you put the ball in the can 10 times wins.  Two try each time.






Here another good free game and fun to play. The children are online one in a back of the other about one foot apart.  They need to have each a empty glass(or bucket) and only the first child as the water in his glass(bucket).  The second child MUST hold his glass(bucket) in front of him not higher than his belly without moving. The first kid who as the water need to pour the water from his glass(bucket), over his head, into the glass(bucket) of the second kid without spilling around and getting wet. The second do the same and the game goes on.



The bowling game.

Just need ten empty can, you paint them in different color and need a ball.  Play the same way you’d play bowling. Another game kids will like!




Best games during quarantine for your kids.

During the day, you can spend your hours doing lawn games, plenty of them are small enough to pack away into a trunk, including horseshoe outdoor game, certain cornhole sets, and maybe emoji card and more. You can also find ways to explore the wilderness through scavenger hunts, treasure searches, and orienteering activities.

Best amazon game for caming!


Then, when it gets dark, you’ll probably have to stay close to the campfire, so be sure to bring plenty of outdoor appropriate card and board games, along with party activities like charades and storytelling games.  And of course, anything that glows in the dark is fair game for nightime competitions, so make sure to pick up a glow-in-the-dark frisbee.  When you’re done, they’re not going to miss the wifi. But I know for a fact that some camping site have wi fi. So the best way will be to make your children do things with you, and forget about Wifi for some time.


Tell a story around the campfire.

Kids love a good ghost story, but campfire tales don’t necessarily have to be straight out of Scary stories to tell in the dark.  In fact, it might be even more fun if your family makes up its own tall tale, with one person continuing where the last one left off.

Sing campfire songs                         

Put your karaoke skills to work and get ready to sing songs around the campfire.  Search spotify for inspiration for the best tunes.  Bonus points if someone in your family plays guitar or any music instrument.


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  1. After reading this article, I have come to realise how great life was in my infant days, going outside to have fun with friends. And these products the site offers are all exciting. It’s good to go back to those days and remember those times. Thanks for article.

    1. Hi Kath thank you for your comment I appreiciate it. I put some more games every week if you like to look and try

      Thank’s again

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