Stuck at home!  Kids from 4 to 6 yours old

Indoor Activities kids

This website is create to help parents find things to do with there children at home. Can’t get your nose out. Bored stuck at home? This site is here to offers some simple free activities, tested and approved by children’s.

Things to do with nothing,

1*Play the endless sentence:  the first children says a word, the next repeats it and adds another, the next repeats everything from the beginning and adds an additional word, and so on, and so on.  Give a story without a tail (or a head?)  And a good memory exercise for small child. 

2*The drawing in the mirror: take a mirror put in front of the paper and try to make a drawing wild looking only in the mirror. Never look at the paper.Make drawing or take drawing from Google image.           

Drawing there picture: take paper tape them together long enough to draw its silhouette. Ask your child to lie on it spreading their arms and legs slightly.  With a large dark felt pen, trace its silhouette. Then it’s up to him to draw himself, face, clothes, shoes, shirt nothing should be forgotten.  A good way to decorate is door or wall in their room.

If your child need to move a lot, here a game that you can make for them. I call it the tennis balloon.

3*Tennis balloon game:  Need 2 wood painting stick, 4 cardboard plates and one or more balloon (wood painting stick) from home depot                                                                                                                         

Glue 2 cardboard plate toghether (to make it more solid). Take wood stick and glue the top of the stick on the 2 glued plates. Do the same for the other one make 2 tennis rackets to play with the balloon.

So your children’s can play tennis in the house/kitchen without danger. Good game to make your children’s move in the house when it’s raining. This is one game I, as a school educator played with the children that I had in my group. We played that game 4 or 5 time a week. The kids ask for that game always.

4*Musical animalPlay music and, the kids dance to music, when you stop the music, show the children an animal picture. They must imitate the animal in the picture, its cry and its  approach.  When you leave the music, the children start dancing again.  When you stop it, there is a new animal to imitate.

5*Hot potatoSit in a circle with the children.  The latter pass a potato (or a balloon) from hand to hand, to the sound of rhythmic music.  When the music stops, the child holding the potato should sit in the center of the circle. The game then continue. 

Indoor activities!

When giving quality time to your children, it’s help them develop alot of good qualities such as creativity, and help develop autonomy. Early kids learn sush as early than 2 years old the best there memory develop. See other post for more free activities, kids activities for home 2 and 3. 








8 Replies to “Kids activities for home”

  1. Nothing beats the feeling of having special moments with kids at home. However, with this lockdown, it is very much possible that everything become easily boring and uninteresting for kids quickly and that is the reason that we need to apply more tricks and funs to it. These suggestions here are great especially the endless sentences. This is great to see here and thank you.

    1. Hi Ella, thank you for your comment it’s appriciate and give a boost of energie to go on. Most of all the game that will be post here have been try with kids from 5 to 10 and have been liked.  I will post more game in couples of days, I know that it not easy stay home for long time!! 

      Thank you


  2. Ha, thank you so much. You’re going to be saving me from another round of boredom tomorrow because of this post. I think these are really fun activities to get involved in. I will make sure that my kids actually do this after I have made them read tomorrow. If you have any fun educational activities, I’d be glad.

    1. Thank you Riley, I appreciate your comment, I’m happy you liked it.  Yes I’m going to put some more post for game at home. If I can help parents in this time of quarantine, I’d be glad..


  3. Hi! I really liked these activities. Specially the one concerning drawing. I love drawing and I begun to draw as a kid. And I also want my kids to pick up this so during these days I’ll “challenge them”. But I think it’s cool to include a mirror in one of the challenges and only draw looking at the mirror. 🙂 Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

    1. Hello Paolo, Thank you for the comment, it appreciate.  I know about the mirror game I dided with children about 7 years old and they laugh so mush about their drawing that they play 2 hours with this game and it needed only paper and pensil.

      Thank you and ho I’ll be posting more games soon,  

      Have great day!


  4. I was planning to search for such articles but just didn’t get time. Glad I stumbled upon this one. With one toddler at home and just one computer among the three of us, it becomes quite difficult to share it in this lockdown time. I will see if I can keep him busy with these activities 🙂

    1. Hello Prav,
      Thank you for your comment, I appriciate when people leave comment It help me to find what they want and would like to see on my website.


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